Can't remember how old I was when I first picked up a camera - 6 or 7 maybe? It was small, slim, brown and very plastic and everything looked very distorted looking through the viewfinder but for a while it went almost everywhere with me. Fast forward 10 years and my parents bought me my first SLR and that was where the passion for photography was truly ignited.

Now, several years later and a few more camera upgrades, new lenses, bags, tripods and other miscellaneous equipment I feel far more confident in my abilities as a photographer. I would say that my focus has somewhat wavered through the years. At one stage I would have called myself a landscape photographer but through the last 3-4 years I have had many external factors on my photography that now find me just as happy photographing a miniature life built out of plastic bricks and plastic figures.

My evolution as a photographer has always been a changing one, never having had any formal training I have always tried to adapt my photographic style to the scene before me. One day I'll be photographing crashing waves on the Somerset (or hopefully Irish West Coast) and the next I'll have my light tent set up on my kitchen table with a handul of LEGO figures as I try and recreate a scene I've had planned in my head. Either way, I'm rarely happy unless my camera is within close range.

Based in the South West of England I'm always looking around me for photograhic opportunities to enjoy.

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